Support for local professionals

Virtual Done Well is managed on a day to day basis by Filipinos who have legitimate experience in providing support services to Australian SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises). Profit margins are kept very low to make the services highly price competitive.

We are a small family with BIG dreams

At Virtual Done Well, we are dedicated to the growth of your business and our careers.
Being part of VDW enables us to help our clients succeed while we pursue our passion.


VDW is the leading outsourcing company that provides outstanding administrative services to SMEs and Entrepreneurs without compromising the welfare of its employees.



Guided by our vision and core values, we professionally aid and enable SMEs and Entrepreneurs to focus on their core business functions. We inspire employees to be proactive and to maximize their potential in providing assistance to our clients.

Core Values


We uphold moral principles and professionalism at all times.

We are driven by our burning desire to make time for our clients and contribute to their success.


We are focused on providing the best assistance and help clients achieve their business goals.

Personal Development
We value constructive criticism and mentoring. All opportunities for us to grow and always welcome and pursued.


We recognize that time is an irreplaceable commodity; hence we proactively do things right the first time.


We believe that strengthening the relationships among team members leads to a healthier work environment. No team member is left behind.

Our Team

 I chose VDW because you can really sense the value of Camaraderie. You can sense that its not only work itself that you’re focus on, but its also helping business and also extending your hand towards organizations. 

Keith Jason Caoili

  Since I started working at VDW, I discovered lot of capabilities not only as a VA but more as a person. Employees are given a certain degree of autonomy and responsibility in which it doesn’t limit yourself to do the things you are passionate about. One thing I appreciate working in VDW is the friendly environment and family-oriented atmosphere. It is a great place to work as it is a diverse organization with talented people, great leadership, as well as a collaborative culture.

Novee Joy Parac

  After 9 years working overseas with very generous bosses and colleagues, I was very hesitant to look for an employment here in Davao City for fear that I will not find a good company, but Virtual Done Well has proved me wrong! Apart from gaining massive learning about working virtually, I was able to see Sydney, Australia for FREE, and has received incredible perks from my generous bosses apart from the tremendous benefits I received as a regular employee! I am happily working at Virtual Done Well for more than 4 years now.

Evelyn Obenza

 As an employee, I felt that I am needed, I am valued, and I am trusted. It empowers me to work passionately. I have exciting and challenging tasks where I get to learn new things, My teammates are AWESOME people! Plus, I am earning enough to go shopping every payday! Thank you VDW for the opportunities. I am so happy working with you. #HappyAtVDW. 

Crissa Marie Pinar

  When I started working at Virtual Done Well, I did not know that this would be different from other BPO companies. Virtual Done Well has not only given me the chance to grow on a professional level but also on a personal level. The management is supportive of what we want to do presently and in the years to come. Opportunities come in many forms and working at Virtual Done Well is one of them. It's been more than 4 years now that I am working happily at Virtual Done Well.   

Joel Rey Bueno

  Never had I encountered working in a company where management cares a lot about the people. Here at VDW, everyone in the management takes into consideration the effect that it will have not just on the business but also on the employees.  

Leo Lisondra