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2015 is a very special year in the ‘growth’ of Virtual Done Well.

It was three and a half years ago that this exciting business venture was ‘born’ from a very simple need. My businesses needed reliable and cost effective admin and marketing support and the founding team members of Virtual Done Well needed a secure rewarding career with a ‘good’ business that had strong ethics, unlike some of the Outsourcing ‘Sweat Shops’ they had been exposed to. From those simple ‘needs’ Virtual Done Well was ‘born’.

Right from day one, this was an Outsourcing business with a difference.

It was locally registered in Davao City, it was majority owned by the staff, and it was agreed that any profits would be utilised locally to build the business and provide a secure future for the team. I only held a minority shareholding and a power of Veto at board meetings, just in case these fledgling business owners came up with ideas that were too crazy 🙂 After all, the President was only 19 at the time! (I’m happy to report that my veto power was never ever needed…)

For someone who owns a number of businesses in Australia, with all the incumbent work and stress that comes with that, these last three and a half years have been a joy. To see this fledgling business grow under local management and ownership has been such a pleasure. To work with the local management team as one of their mentors has been so rewarding.

But this year was even more special.

You see, within my own businesses at Logistics Bureau Group, we have been business partners for the last 4 years with an organisation called B1G1 (Buy One Give One). This registered charity gives us access to an amazing range of almost 1,000 worthy causes around the World. Worthy causes that have been ‘vetted’ and ‘audited’ to ensure that they are well managed and that all donated funds are only used to help those in need. Nothing is allowed to be deducted for overheads by any of the parties.

It works like this. Every time a client buys products or services from Logistics Bureau, we give part of that income to a B1G1 worthy cause. Every time. It’s a great concept isn’t it?



So at Logistics Bureau Group, we are close to reaching 2 million of these micro giving impacts…

Earlier this year, I shared how the whole thing works with the management team at Virtual Done Well. This was potentially an awkward conversation, as I was hoping that Virtual Done Well could become a B1G1 Business Partner too. Why was it awkward? For me at least?

Because, Virtual Done Well was founded to help provide quality long term secure employment in an economically disadvantaged part of the World. The economy of the Philippines and average earnings is about the same as India. And where Virtual Done Well is located, down in Davao City, is also not as affluent as other parts of the Philippines. So in effect, I was suggesting that those who already don’t have very much, share part of what they have, with those who have even less.

So I shared the concept of B1G1, and how it worked. I showed examples of some of the worthy causes that we support at Logistics Bureau Group. A Solar Lamp costing $20 that enabled children in a village that had no power, to study at night. A bicycle that allowed a child to get to School 15 kms away, rather than have to stay at home. Basic Vitamins costing a few cents that would help children avoid blindness.

As I finished my presentation, the room was quiet. After a short pause, one of the Virtual Done Well managers simply said… Wow, we are so lucky. How can we give to these causes too. There were wet eyes all around the room. Particularly mine!


And so it was, that Virtual Done Well became a B1G1 Business Partner. It’s really a Social Enterprise itself, but now as part of their everyday business, they also help those in need around the World.

PLEASE NOTE: All charitable gifts are made at Virtual Done Well’s expense. They are not ‘added to’ client invoices. But it is our clients patronage that allows us to do this. So thank you.

But one of our goals, is to assist a local charity in Davao City to pass the strict audit process, to become an accredited B1G1 worthy cause. That way, our team can also directly support their local community.

That day…I was a very proud ‘parent’ and continue to be so…


Rob O’Byrne, Virtual Done Well Founder