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Home Based or Office Based – What’s the Best for You?

Many of our team have years of experience as office based VAs as well as Home Based VAs.

We don’t offer Home Based positions, only Office Based, in our Davao Office. This suits us, our staff and our clients better, as we’ll explain below.

But we appreciate that there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Home Based


You can often work your own hours.
You are your own boss to a degree.
You might be able to have multiple clients.
You can often earn more money.
It can be very convenient.


Your income is not guaranteed.
You have to find your own clients.
There is no IT or HR support.
If you need help with a task there is no one to help you.
Your ‘home office’ might be a distracting place to work
If you get power or internet outages your client may be upset.
You have to make sure your client pays you on time
It can be very lonely.
You have no ongoing training.
If you have a bad client you might be stick with them.
You have to manage your own accounts, taxes etc
You have to pay all your own office and communication expenses.

Office Based


You have a lot of support from supervisors and team mates
You are not alone and will make friends in the office
You have a regular guaranteed income
Statutory payments and taxes are all paid for you.
You have access to training programs
Unused sick leave can be ‘cashed-in’ at the end of the year
You have IT and HR support at hand
There are no power or internet outages (we have backups)
You have a caring management team to support you
We are a ‘family’ at Virtual Done Well
We look after each other
And like to stick together…
HMO Health and Dental Insurance
Paid Philippine Public Holidays
Long-Term Career Opportunities
Wonderful Clients to Work with
Caring and Considerate Management
Charity works
Training Opportunities
Gym and Fitness Membership
Sponsored Badminton Game twice a week
That’s why we only offer office based positions.


Your income might be a bit lower
You have to ‘travel’ to work
You have strict working hours

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