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Get answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Assistants and Virtual Done Well.

How are Your Services different from contractors I can hire directly online?

Our staff work in a “proper” fully equipped office under professional experienced supervision. You can be assured they are actually “there” and working on ‘your’ business not juggling multiple clients from their “home office”. We will also be there to support your virtual assistant in any aspect of their work for you. Your VA will also have the full support of our HR and IT team. And you can be assured they are well paid, paid on time and all statutory payments are being made!

How long does your process take, from start to finish?

Our recruitment process is usually 7 to ­14 days. However, it can sometimes be a little longer, depending on the experience level you need, our current pool of candidates and how quickly we receive important information back from you, such as your Job Description, etc. Generally we send 3 resumes which prospects picks two for interview, as they are short-listed by our Sales & Account Manager. Also, we have had prospects whom have just trust her judgement. 


How do you select and train your staff?

As well as advertising locally we recruit most of our staff through networking. In this way we are hiring staff that we already know and trust. We have found through experience that this tends to create an increased level of loyalty and commitment that translates into better service for our clients and and low staff turn-over from job dissatisfaction. Our aim is to offer our staff a long term and rewarding ‘career’, not just a short term “job”.

Will you recruit specifically to fill our requirements? Or do you have a team of staff already in place?

Our focus is on matching the right clients with the right staff to ensure a Win-Win situation and a happy working environment. We usually recruit specifically to match your requirements. For more General VA roles, we usually have  stand-by staff ready to start.

Isn’t this just another Outsourcing "Sweat Shop"?

Certainly not. Other call centres in the Philippines work under extreme duress with performance-based incentives. Those that don’t reach their goals can be humiliated in different ways as punishment.

Virtual Done Well was established to counter this! We believe that creating a great working environment for our staff will provide a great service to our clients. VDW is referred affectionately as their second family.

Paid Holidays ( VDW Admin employees and those working for Logistics Bureau (associated company) also get paid holidays between Xmas and New Year which does not come out of their annual vacation allocations).
Fair working hours
Market rate salaries
Medical and Dental insurance
Subsidised gym membership
Complimentary weekly badminton and yoga sessions
Company paid quarterly team building activities (Some BPO companies have team building activities but are paid for by the employees)
Monthly employment engagement activities – Birthday bash and employee work anniversary lunch
We have never had a case with the Labour Department as we follow the labour laws. Not sure how many BPO companies can say that.
What kind of clients do you have?

Our client base is broad and varied, but they are generally small to medium business owners, who are pressed for time and cannot afford support staff locally. Most are from the US, Canada and Australia, but others are from all over the World.



I have never worked with a Virtual Assistant before!

Don’t worry. As well as training your virtual assistant, we also train you! I don’t know of any other outsourcing service that does THAT! We’ll show you how to get the best out of your virtual assistant and guide you about the best ways to get the most benefit from our services.

How can a virtual assistant help me?

They help you ‘get more time’ in your work day, alleviating entrepreneurial stress and allowing you to start working ON your business, instead of being trapped, working IN it, instead. Here’s How to Get Early Benefits From Hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Are there any set up costs?

There is a set-up cost of AUD$297 which includes purchase of the standard equipment. This will be included in the first month’s service invoice.

How will I communicate with my Virtual Assistant?

We provide a vast range of communication options to suit all client needs. Our aim is to make communication easy and simple, just like they were working in your own office. These include

An office phone with a local number in ‘your’ city
Online management tools such as Trello, Slack or others
VOIP phone outgoing calls are rated
Is it possible for my VA to work during my preferred hours/time zone?

Yes. We can source for VA’s who are willing to work depending on the work schedule you have specified.


Will the VA be provided with a computer, phone etc?

Yes, the VA will have a complete standard IT set up. You will also need to let us know if there are any special requirements (i.e. programs) you need for the VA to use, so we can get it set up for you and your VA prior to the start date.

How do you keep my information secure?

We suggest you build up trust slowly, but surely over a certain amount of time, before giving any overly sensitive information (such as copies of passports or credit card statements, etc.) to your VA. We also encourage you to provide a Confidentiality/Privacy Agreement between your VA for security purposes. A far as digital security is concerned, we follow all standard security protocols.

What is your policy regarding holidays?

We observe most Local or other Client Public Holidays. If the VA is expected to work on a Local Rest Day or Public Holiday, then the client is expected to pay double the day rate. This can all be negotiated and agreed prior to start. As you can imagine, holiday policies vary by country and client company. Our aim is always to fit in with your own holiday policies as much as possible.

Are there particular clients or types of businesses that you will not support?

Yes there are. We will not support clients or businesses that we feel are unethical or might cause shame or embarrassment to our staff or company.   In fact we actually ‘screen’ our clients just like we do with our staff! It’s true. We are looking for staff and clients that can have a long and rewarding relationship with us. So it’s important that we take just as much care in selecting clients, as we do our staff!

Do you provide part time VAs?

Yes, our virtual assistants can do minimum of 80 hours per month. Though, this will depend on the type of support services you require. We do prefer that our VAs are hired full time though, as this provides the best working relationship and value for money. You’ll soon fill up their 40 hours a week!

Can I visit Virtual Done Well?

Of course you can. We encourage our clients to do so. Our staff love to meet clients face to face and get to know them better.

Can I change my VA if I’m not happy with him/her?

Yes of course. If for whatever reason you do not want to continue with the VA that you have selected, we will recommend a potential candidate or let you select another three candidates for you to meet with, so you can choose another – completely free of charge. Though it is VERY rare that this happens.

How long is the notice period when a VA decides to leave?

We require at least 30 days’ notice period for the VA to do a proper handover. Within the notice period, we will also provide a replacement that suits the role.

I Don’t Know if a Virtual Assistant will Really Help Me and My Business?

We understand. Many of our clients felt like that at first. They thought that their business was very different, or too complex. Or that it would be too hard to work with remote staff.

Why not have an obligation free talk with one of our specialists? We’ll talk about your business, your support needs and if a VA would really benefit you. Don’t worry, we are not going to try to ‘sell’ you a VA if you or your business are not a suitable fit for this type of service! We are not in the business of creating unhappy customers. We’ll be ‘straight up’ with you. Though when you start to think about it, 95% of people we talk to see amazing opportunities for a VA to help them grow their business and reduce their stress.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. There are no contracts between a client and Virtual Done Well, you can upgrade , downgrade or cancel your service. If it’s not working for you and your business, you can cancel anytime, please make sure that you inform us one month in advance.

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