Successful Outsourcing Tips

You are about to learn the ‘secret sauce’ of many well-known Entrepreneurs and small business owners around the World.

Outsourcing – An Introduction

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has got to be the ‘Secret Sauce’ for small businesses and Entrepreneurs.

We’ve all experienced those big ‘call centres’ that banks, insurance companies and telecom companies use.

But for small businesses, it means getting inexpensive and highly competent support to grow your business and free your time.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

The term might be new to you. A Virtual Assistant or VA, is a full time or part time person working for your business, remotely.

Typically they are based in the Philippines and India as these countries have highly skilled staff at a much lower cost than highly developed and high cost of living countries. I talk about the ethics of this in another video!

Selecting a Virtual Assistant

Selecting a Virtual Assistant (VA) can be quite a daunting task at first.

So let me share some tips I’ve learnt over the years.

What to Outsource to Your Virtual Assistant

When first hire a VA (Virtual Assistant) you may wonder how will fully utilise them. Don’t worry, you’ll soon rethinking how you work and what else your VA could possibly do. Then you’ll need another one!

All the while you are freeing up your time to do the stuff that only you can do.

Getting Started with a Virtual Assistant

So how do you get started with a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Paying Your Virtual Assistant

Paying your Virtual Assistant (VA) has a few traps. Here is what I have learned.

Feedback from your Virtual Assistant

Getting feedback from your Virtual Assistant is critical to your success.

Easy Start

Here’s an easy way to get started with a Virtual Assistant.

Increase the efficiency and impact of your business

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