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Augment Your UK Business Team Virtually – Save Money and Time

With Offshore Virtual Assistants From Virtual Done Well

Is your UK-based business a bit like a swan? You know; showing a graceful impression to customers but paddling like mad to do so?

It’s a common scenario for boutique enterprises in the United Kingdom. If you have a small business team, it’s probably one to which you can relate.

Marketing, administration, personal time management—they are the business aspects that suffer when you have a single-figure headcount and limited staffing budget.

But now you can get those business elements covered, affordably and without the costs, obligations, and liabilities of hiring local staff.

The solution?

Offshore virtual assistants in the Philippines, employed, managed, and supported by Virtual Done Well, and dedicated to your business on a part-time or full-time basis.

What Could You Do if You Had a Virtual Assistant – or Two?

The options available with virtual assistants (VAs) in the Philippines have never been greater—or more accessible.

Some Tasks You Can Outsource to a General Virtual Assistant

Communication Administration Digital Marketing Business IT Personal Assistance
Managing your email Audio/video file transcription Blog management Data entry Managing business calendar/diary
Customer Support Preparing meeting/conference call agendas Creating/maintaining/updating email lists Data cleansing Scheduling appointments
Checking and responding to voicemail Creating/generating reports Creating/scheduling marketing emails Managing online storage Business travel planning/booking/reservations
Writing and sending follow-up emails to clients/customers Creating business forms and documents Keyword research Spreadsheet/database management Purchasing/sending gifts
Proof-reading and editing Lead Generation Social media management Running system/data backups
Sending greeting cards/invitations/thank you notes Receptionist duties Uploading videos and creating playlists (YouTube and other platforms) Customer technical support
Managing your email
Customer Support
Checking and responding to voicemail
Writing and sending follow-up emails to clients/customers
Proof-reading and editing
Sending greeting cards/invitations/thank you notes
Audio/video file transcription
Preparing meeting/conference call agendas
Creating/generating reports
Creating business forms and documents
Lead Generation
Receptionist duties
Digital Marketing
Blog management
Creating/maintaining/updating email lists
Creating/scheduling marketing emails
Keyword research
Social media management
Uploading videos and creating playlists (YouTube and other platforms)
Business IT
Data entry
Data cleansing
Managing online storage
Spreadsheet/database management
Running system/data backups
Customer technical support
Personal Assistance
Managing business calendar/diary
Scheduling appointments
Business travel planning/booking/reservations
Purchasing/sending gifts

Specialist Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

For help with social media management, digital marketing, or other creative and technical activities, you can hire a skilled Filipino specialist to work with you remotely for a fraction of the cost of UK labour.

Your Virtual Done Well VA will work during your business hours, using remote-working tools and communications channels of your choice. It’s like having a local employee without the expense and commitments.

Filipino Virtual Personal Assistants

Is executive stress your constant companion? A virtual personal assistant can help to end all that, keeping you organised and shouldering those time-consuming tasks such as:

  • Arranging travel
  • Booking appointments
  • Taking action points at your online meetings.

Creative and Technical Virtual Assistants

What about all those unfinished projects? You know, the ones like:

  • Your website design and content that your team works on when they can
  • Your storefront product descriptions that you never have time to update
  • Media productions that stall due to human resource shortages

Creative, technical, and digital marketing virtual assistants in the Philippines can perform these tasks, giving your local team more time for business development.

Philippines Virtual Assistants: Great News for UK Businesses

Many established UK businesses are at that stage where an additional team member or two would make all the difference to performance, freeing the regular staff for core activities.

But with the high cost and government regulations relating to local employment, even on a part-time basis, it may be hard to justify the investment. That’s where offshore virtual assistants come into their own.

Don’t let the distance deter you. With Virtual Done Well, one call is all it takes for us to start matching you with one or more suitable Filipino virtual assistants.

Want a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines? Here’s How We’ll Help

At Virtual Done Well, we will:

  • Find you the right people to support your business remotely, part-time or full-time
  • Manage them right here in our office facility in Davao, Philippines
  • Take care of your needs, and your VA’s, through our local team of managers and supervisors
  • Provide you with seamless facilities for your affordable fee payments
  • Support you with VA onboarding, business familiarisation, and training
  • Help you to scale your staffing up and down as and when appropriate

Client’s Feedback

Amy Gray

Everything is very well run – it's been a seamless process working with VDW. I am very happy with the VA we have been assigned. I would highly recommend VDW to any company considering a VA, or with a need for additional assistance. We would not have been able to afford to put on a full-time staff member in Australia, but in working with VDW, we've been able to get full-time assistance at a much more affordable cost, which is really helping our company grow & move forward.

Sally Illingworth

As a professional services firm, my strategic relationship with Virtual Done Well is an ongoing asset to the development and growth of my business. The supportive relationship between myself and Virtual Done Well offers great benefits to my team and my clients as we work to drive great business outcomes. The level of professionalism and commitment to quality demonstrated by Virtual Done Well is unparalleled in the virtual services market! For anyone seeking to scale their services based business, I would encourage them to consider building a strategic relationship with Virtual Done Well.

Nicole Lamond

Working with our virtual assistant from Virtual Done Well has been such a saviour for our business. Our VA has taken over so many important and essential tasks and they are a delight to work with. Virtual Done Well provide great management support, so we don't have to worry about that.

Sarah Birken

I wouldn't be able to achieve half of much as i do at the moment without Jeni!

Heather Hardy

Dona's work has been of excellent standard and we continued to be thrilled with her performance. Dona has been proactive in reaching out to our staff offering her services.

Dr. Jaime Villalobos

Just wanted to let you know that the results of the Website look great. Really appreciate your help.

Davy Duong

Virtual Done Well has been exceptional at finding the right person for our business. They have been professional, hard working and always accommodating to our needs. If you are considering using a virtual receptionist for your business, we highly recommend contacting Virtual Done Well.

Michael Thomas

I have been using the services of Virtual Done Well since May 2015. The value that they have provided has assisted across multiple parts of my business. I now have an active web site, a social media plan, a partner that adds value to my clients and assists me to plan the business development of The Essentials Group not only for the short term, also helping with long term goals that I am seeking to achieve. I highly recommend talking with the team at Virtual Done Well.

Ian Zampech

Thank you to the team at Virtual Done Well for an excellent job on our website. You were able to understand our requirements to produce a professional website on a very tight deadline. I look forward to working with you again.

Brian Keen

As Chairman of both Franchise Simply and MicroLoan Foundation Australia, I would be lost without my Executive Assistant from Virtual Well Done. Kevin undertakes research, pulls together reports, writes many of our newsletters, manages the day to day of our CRM and social media and looks after many tasks around events we attend and our client support. The job is varied and involves lots of different software and systems. Virtual Well Done found the right person helped us with training and manages the day to day employment requirements. Communication is great and we are proud to be able to support such a great agency.

Alex O’Byrne

We currently use Virtual Done Well for our web design and virtual assistant needs and wow. They really do go above and beyond for you. You can be sure you are in the right hands with Virtual Done Well. Good job!

John Buck

Virtual Done well have offered a service to me which enables me to get the things done I need to get done, without having to worry about the ‘peripheral noise’ of the everyday tasks which come up and which are able to be delegated. I have found the service and level of work to be exceptional and enjoy the great communication I receive on a daily basis. Virtual Done Well are able to free up my time, so that I am more capable to work on the ‘big picture’ tasks which are required in the running of our business.

Nick Maslen

I have to say that I am more than pleased with the result. From the time we gave the team at Virtual Done Well the things they asked for the first draft was ready for testing in less than a week. The team are very courteous and keen to please – they weren’t happy until I was happy and nothing seems to be too much trouble. WELL DONE, Virtual Done Well.

Why Choose a VDW Filipino VA for Your UK Business?

The Philippines is one of the most popular outsourcing destinations for business services, and with good reason. Here are some of the valuable business benefits of hiring a virtual assistant in the Philippines:

  • Filipino virtual assistants speak English fluently.
  • Filipino VAs have a solid work ethic and excel in polite, friendly customer service.
  • An affordable monthly fee for your business provides your VA with an above-average salary at Philippines rates.
  • A well-developed education system ensures availability of professionals with a diverse range of specialisations.

And why choose a VA from Virtual Done Well?

We like to think it’s a no-brainer, but we know you need the 101. After all, bringing new talent into your business is a big decision—so here are some of the key advantages of our service:

  • All our VAs are legally and ethically employed by us, and work in our modern, well-equipped office facility.
  • You have face to face contact with the VA who is actually doing your work, not a go-between team leader.
  • They are supported by a professional on-site management team.
  • Our VAs work a local night shift, ensuring full coverage during UK business hours.
  • They enjoy a salary and benefits package that ensures engagement and promotes ambition.
  • You engage with us on a B2B basis, so we make it easy to hire, train, work with and settle fees for your virtual assistant, and to meet your needs for scaling up or down.
  • If you have more than one VA, they can work together in our office as a team.
  • We are an established service company, with enterprise grade equipment, facilities, and power/connectivity infrastructure to ensure your business continuity.

Customers That Trust us

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Complete Your UK Business Team – Virtually!

Don’t let your business paddle frantically to maintain its success. Virtual Done Well has specialist virtual assistants, including digital marketers, web designers, personal assistants, and media specialists available now, ready to work with your team on a part-time or full-time basis, for as long as you need them.

No employment contracts to tie you up. All we need is one month’s notice to terminate a VA arrangement.

No extra office overheads to consider. Just professional virtual assistants in the Philippines ready to work with your team and cover your business needs—at rates that will pleasantly surprise you.

Get Started With a FREE Consultation

Virtual Assistant
It’s easy to get in touch with us, and we offer a free initial consultation, so we can understand your needs and take immediate steps to meet them if you’re ready to hire.

Let’s work together to plug your human resource gaps, with skilled and dedicated Philippines-based professionals, at a cost your UK small business can afford.