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All Day and All of the Night

New for 2017 … Virtual Done Well will soon be launching a permanent night shift, staffed by virtual assistants who know no barriers between night and day. Our night shift will ensure that wherever your business is located, you can enjoy the services of a VA during your business hours.

As most of our clients are based in Australia, the majority of our virtual assistants currently work from very early in the Philippine morning, until mid-afternoon when Australian business hours draw to a close.

Our night shift will enable us to reach out and help small to medium business owners worldwide to gain time and increase productivity. That’s not all though!… If your business in the Asia-Pacific region operates at night, we’ll be right here to assist you with administrative business tasks through the hours of darkness.

We’ll keep you posted as to when our night service launches, so your business can benefit from Virtual Done Well, Done Longer.

VDW4U Feature Article

How Virtual Done Well Supports Your Business Growth

At Virtual Done Well, we know that business is business, and that our business is to help yours. However, our service is based on a philosophy oriented to the people without which, no business could survive, let alone flourish.

That philosophy reflects the wishes of our company’s founder, who wanted a business existing solely for the purpose of helping people: not only the people who become our clients, but also the people who work at Virtual Done Well, and for those in need around the world.

In helping our clients, our team objective is to support business success, which typically means business-growth. The virtual assistant’s key role is to free-up time for small and medium businesses owners to work on their businesses, rather than in them. That imperative drives our strategies for recruiting, training, and managing our staff.


The Role of the VA in Your Business Growth

What we’re trying to say here, is that when your business begins to grow, the services of a virtual assistant can prevent an all-too-common situation, where turnaround and cycle-times begin to lengthen as business volume outstrips capacity.

Many business-owners face this growth-related predicament, in which the cost of extra full-time employees is prohibitive, but increased labour is essential to maintain service and quality standards during the first stages of business growth.

This is the perfect time to hire a VA from Virtual Done Well. Our virtual assistants can help to keep your business flexible enough to cope with growing demand, without generating excessive incremental costs.



The Cost-benefit of Adding a VA to Your Growing Business

What you get with a VA from our team, is someone who can perform all the administrative tasks that burden your business day, while you and your team concentrate on maintaining service and/or product-quality as your volume increases.While you could of course hire a full-time, local administrative employee to do the same thing, you certainly won’t get one for less than $2,000 (AUS) per month, at

While you could of course hire a full-time, local administrative employee to do the same thing, you certainly won’t get one for less than $2,000 (AUS) per month, at the current minimum wage rate. A virtual assistant from VDW, with administrative skills well above those deserving of minimum wage, will cost you around half that amount each month.

Furthermore, our VA’s come without any of the costs of recruitment, training, and employment associated with a local full or part-time employee.

We do charge a $300 one-time set-up fee when you hire a VA, but that’s the only cost over and above our monthly rate for a full-time virtual assistant. Better still, after seven months, that set-up fee will be credited back to you on your monthly invoice.

When you add a virtual assistant to your business team, the money you would otherwise need to spend on staff-recruitment can instead be invested in other aspects of your growth strategy, such as marketing, or perhaps improvements to IT, business facilities, or equipment.



Give Yourself the Freedom to Grow

At Virtual Done Well, our affordable rates have no bearing on service quality, the high level of which is key to fulfilling our mission—to help your business succeed and grow.

Your virtual assistant will perform the same tasks as a full-time, locally employed administrator, with the exception of physical errands, which are a bit tough to pull off from our distant island-nation (although your VA can surely arrange and set up local services to do what can’t be done virtually).

As long as you can manage to let go (and support your VA through the early stages of task-delegation), you can release yourself and others in your business-team from all those high-maintenance, but low-value business tasks—and gain high-value time to proactively develop and grow your enterprise.

Tasks to consider outsourcing include (but are not restricted to):

  • Data entry and management (spreadsheets, databases, word processing and others)
  • Communication (with customers, employees, suppliers)
  • Travel and accommodation (scheduling and reservations)
  • Customer service and relationship-building
  • Marketing activities
  • Managing your business’ social media and general online presence

Our multi-skilled virtual assistants are experienced in all these business disciplines and ready to serve as fully functioning members of your team.


Our Assistance, Your Assistant

While he or she is employed by us (with the added advantages of a professional office environment and the support of our supervisors and team leaders), make no mistake; a VDW virtual assistant works for you, and is committed wholly to the success of your business.

Wherever possible, we want our clients to build long-term business relationships with their virtual assistants, so we’ll match you carefully with the right VA/s to stay in your team until you’re ready to scale up your in-house workforce (if you don’t decide to keep a permanently virtual team instead).

But we won’t tie you in with contract terms and agreements. Instead, we let the skills, attitudes, and qualities of our staff cement the longevity of their tenure in clients’ businesses.

So when you need some extra human capital to scale-up your business, whether that’s right now, tomorrow, or at any point in the future, make it easy on yourself and ask us for a free virtual assistant quote.

Bites from our Blog

Your Data is Secure With Virtual Done Well

When you have a virtual assistant working for your business, it’s only natural to worry about data security. But really, in this day and age the risk from remote system access is no greater than that posed by local employees working in your own offices.

The only difference is that you can keep a closer eye on staff when they are under your roof.

That’s one of the key benefits of hiring a virtual assistant from Virtual Done Well. All our VAs work in our own offices under the supervision of local managers, so we’re able to monitor activity closely and make sure our team members follow strict data security protocols.

Of course it’s important that you do your part to protect your sensitive business and customer data. Click here for some data security tips worth following, regardless of whether your business applications are accessed from inside your office, or the other side of the world.

Make Social Media Work Better for Your Business

Do you struggle to maintain a social media presence for your business?

Do you find it hard to post content frequently enough or respond to all the comments made by your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other social media followers?

If so, a virtual assistant from our team can take your social media burden from your shoulders and boost your business’ online presence.

Along with the general benefits of outsourcing social media management, our latest blog post highlights why a virtual assistant might be a better outsourcing option than an online marketing provider.

This five-minute read  might be a first step in making the social media impact your business deserves, so why not sacrifice a few moments of your Facebook time to give it your attention?

Monthly Tips, Tricks and Facts

Where We Are and Why it Matters

In case you aren’t already aware, we thought it worth raising the fact that we are a company based in The Philippines and proudly managed by Filipinos.

Is this important? We think it is … because when you use the services of a remote worker, the last thing you need are language and dialect barriers, especially if you want a virtual assistant to interact with your customers.

Our VAs are fluent in English, as it’s one of our nation’s official languages. Perhaps more importantly, English is spoken here with a neutral accent, which is one of the reasons why our country leads the world in the business of voice-based business process outsourcing.

That’s also why understanding and communicating with you, your local staff, and your customers, comes naturally to our Filipino virtual assistants.

We may be a long way away from you, geographically speaking, but what’s a few thousand trivial kilometres in the virtual world? The communication skills of our VAs are such that they might just as well be right there in your office.

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