Hire an Internet Marketer (full time) starting from $1197 AUD.

Our Internet Marketers are dedicated to work for you in helping you establish your presence, build visibility and generate sales.

Our Internet Marketing Services includes:

  • Dedicated VA to work 8hrs/day, 5days/week
  • Work in your time zone
  • Work like you (in an office)
  • Supervised by the team leader
  • Help you reach your business goals
  • Assist in your campaigns
  • Improve SEO in your website
  • Manages your CRM
  • Manages E-mail Marketing
  • Live Chat Handling
  • Email and Phone Answering
  • Social Networking
  • And a lot more!

Below are some of the jobs you can delegate to your Internet Marketer.

E-mail Marketing

  • Manage your database (CRM)
  • Set up auto-responder & follow up e-mails
  • Set up web forms
  • Lead generation


  • Quality link building
  • Website updates
  • Assist in Content Building
  • Web Analytics Report
  • Article Submission
  • Keyword Research

Social Media

  • Produce social media posts
  • Improve your social profile
  • Grow your social networking



  • Phone calling & answering
  • Answer e-mails / support tickets
  • Live chat
  • Manage your E-commerce / online business i. e. process billing, refund, membership

Contact us today to discuss your needs.


+61 2 8045 2311 (Sydney)

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