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When it comes to content marketing in 2021, interactive is the key to success. There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is the fact that people are bored at home, and interactive online experiences are mentally stimulating. They can make your audience feel connected, which is good for both them and you. But with the financial difficulties that 2020 brought upon us, budget is a serious concern for content marketing. Few businesses can afford big-budget content. Fortunately, there are affordable options you can do yourself that will give you a fantastic return for minimal investment. Here are three interactive content suggestions for your marketing efforts in 2021.


1. Quizzes, Polls & Surveys



When you’re scrolling through Facebook, and you see entertaining quizzes about which cartoon character best represents you, or which famous quote fits your personality, chances are these are far more than just entertainment. Yes, they are entertaining, but they do a lot more. For one, they make your audience feel good about you. If your quiz is entertaining, then potential customers will associate you with fun. What’s more, depending on the specific quiz contents, they can help you to gather data about your target market. Furthermore, polls and surveys allow your customers to share input on your products and services. That’s an incredibly valuable source of information for your business, and it makes your customer feel important, too. Just be sure to keep quizzes, polls and surveys short and sweet, otherwise you run the risk of becoming boring. There are several online sources that allow you to create quizzes, polls and surveys for use on social media or your website. One great site is Typeform. And it’s my favorite price – 100% free! Another great site is Survey Anyplace. This site is much more complex, and has greater functionality. It has a free trial, but a subscription is $35.00 per month. Of course, there are many other online resources ranging in complexity, flexibility and price. Do your research to find out what’s best for you and your business.


2. Interactive Infographics



Infographics have long been a great resource for sharing information in a graphic format that users can relate to. And that hasn’t changed. What has changed is the form those infographics are taking. More and more, those graphical presentations are shifting towards video formats. And now, with advancements in technology, infographics can be highly interactive. An infographic can now contain massive amounts of information without overwhelming your audience, because they can navigate through it based on their own needs. This means you get the exact message that is needed to just the right customer at just the right time. Here is a site with 23 examples of video and interactive infographics. See for yourself how powerful they can be. Visme is a great resource that you can use to build your own interactive infographics. Downloading their software is free, and a business membership costs $29.00 per month, billed yearly.


3. Calculators



Custom calculators are digital tools designed to output useful information based on user parameters. They can measure a lot of different things. For example, a calculator can convert dimensions of a floor plan into square units. But their most useful function for online use is in price setting. If price point is a selling point for your product or service, then use a custom calculator to show your clients how much they can save by choosing your product. These online tools are also great for handling FAQ type questions about your pricing, which can take up a lot of customer service time. Of course, a calculator isn’t ideal for every business type. But examine your options, and try to see where creative applications of automated calculators might be a useful interactive feature of your content marketing. There are a few services out there which you can use for creating your own calculators. And to be honest, most of them are pretty good. Most of them offer free and low-price options that are very limited in their scope. But for unlimited impressions on multiple platforms, they likewise offer reasonably priced options. I recommend CALCONIC, which is priced at just $6.00 per month for a small business package with 2,000 impressions, or $17.00 per month for a growth package with 10,000 impressions. Their packages are payable on a quarterly basis. Of course, there are other great options too, but you can do your own research to find out what’s best for your business.

In conclusion, interactive content has become the best way to reach customers in 2021. There are a lot of different options out there, but whatever you do, be creative. That’s what’s going to grab their attention and result in real engagement.



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