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Do you get a warm glow when you think about the upcoming Christmas festivities, or are you breaking into a sweat thinking about how to get everything done in a short business month?


Today’s business owners and managers don’t always get the best of yuletide–in face sometimes it can get the better of them.


That’s why now is a great time to hire a virtual assistant for some Christmas help. You still have time to hire, train, and get an affordable offshore VA up to speed with some of those extra tasks—the ones which can otherwise wear you down in the Christmas rush.


Here’s Why a VA Will Make for a Happier Business Christmas


Here are four really good reasons why a VA will make a great Christmas present to yourself and your business this year.

1. Have time to greet and thank your customers: The festive season is a perfect time to remember your business to its customers.
With everything else going on at this busy time though, it can be really hard to find the time needed to craft thoughtful greetings and thank-you messages. If you hire a virtual assistant you can delegate this task and make sure your best customers get the personalized messages they deserve.

2. Capitalize on marketing opportunities: People are always in the mood to spend money at Christmas time, so it’s almost a crime not to launch a sale or promotion.
However, you might already be snowed under with Christmas orders or just too busy to give a promotion the attention it needs. Why not hire a virtual assistant with marketing skills to make calls, create social media campaigns, and send promotional emails to your customers?

3. Be at work while you’re not: It seems that every year sees fewer people go offline or take breaks during the Christmas period.

The pressure to be available 24/7/365 is growing, even if it’s only to maintain customer support. You can still take your Christmas break and completely shut off from the world though. Just hire a good virtual assistant and ask him or her to keep on top of your essential correspondence.

4. Outsource some personal tasks: There is no rule that says a VA must work for your business.

Instead of hiring a virtual assistant for business tasks, you could take the alternative path of outsourcing personal tasks. For example, your VA could:

  • Send out electronic greetings cards on your behalf.
  • Manage your personal diary and appointments, so you won’t miss a single Christmas party
  • Do some or all of your Christmas shopping online and have goods shipped to you or directly to your intended recipients.

By picking up tasks from your personal Christmas to-do list, a virtual assistant can provide you with more free time to focus on the things you need to do in your business. At the same time, you won’t have that sense of pressure that manifests when personal and professional priorities conflict with one another.


A Virtual Assistant is Not Just for Christmas


If you’ve never been inclined to hire a virtual assistant before, now might be the perfect time to give it a try. You’ve still got a little time to onboard and get comfortable with a dedicated VA—then he/she can get to work on easing the festive pressure.


Of course once you’ve experienced the benefits of working with a VA, you’ll probably find it hard to go back to life without that extra resource in your corner.


That’s just fine though. Keep your virtual assistant on and ease your business or personal workload not just for Christmas, but throughout the year. You never know, it could be a life-changing (or at least a Christmas-changing) experience.