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Most of us use a variety of marketing strategies to build up connections. One means is through Social Media. More people use social media to make their voices heard, why? Because it can easily reach millions of people. At certain times, negative feedbacks will arise but most of the time, people will get to acknowledge what you said. Similarly, marketing is just the same goal. We, from the marketing industry, want our products/services stand-out among all others provided by competitors. How to do it? Here are 3 amazing ideas that helps you market with style.

  1. Simple – Keep it simple. No one has the time to read lengthy articles. You should voice out your idea in a span of 5 seconds. Remember the ad, “Toys for the Big Boys” and they’re selling cars? It’s short but it captured the interest of the audience because who didn’t love toy cars when they were young. It connects with people instantly.
  2. Bold – Be precise and daring with what you want to say.  Being direct gives more power to your speech. Just like these three words Lord Acton, a philosopher, said, “Socialism means slavery.” An upfront opinion that roared people in his days. It made people think and that’s what we want. Attention.
  3. Connection – Impact makes the connection. And, emotion plays the biggest role in this strategy. Start with a problem that people can relate to, in this way, you get connected emotionally. When you’re caught in the wave, it would be hard to get out of it. And everything just flows.

Watch this video about how a simple art becomes an icon that people can relate to. An art with a straightforward message that cuts through the noise and shows us three simple techniques that would improve our ‘elevator’ pitch.