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I never knew before that I can do these things by myself with video marketing. I was blown away and I can’t wait to tell you everything.

As a Small Business owner and Entrepreneur, I’m sure like me you struggle to keep on top of everything.  And one of the hardest things is marketing.  Marketing for me is generally all online except for our events programs.

And let me ask you this. 

What is the most powerful media for online marketing these days?  Yes, it’s video.

Now some people are great at video marketing, some really suck at it, and some just don’t know where to start.  It’s this last group, particularly that I want to share some tips with. 

Tips that will help you get started right now!

I know that many people stress about starting to create videos.

  1. I’m terrible in front of the camera.
  2. What will I talk about?
  3. I don’t have good camera gear.
  4. I don’t know how to do the editing, or I don’t have the time.

So, let me give you some tips and impetus, because the longer you procrastinate, the more you will lose out.  Make sure you read to the end!

Creating videos for yourself, your brand and your products are vital these days.  Your potential customers are time poor; they want to consume information in bite-sized chunks, and most importantly they want to know who they are engaging with or buying from!

It’s an incredibly powerful communication tool.  As an example, it’s very common for me these days to meet a brand-new potential client and at our first meeting, they say something like ‘I’ve watched loads of your videos’!  They feel they know me and my business already, which is a great foundation to start building the relationship further.

Video Marketing Strategy

So, let’s talk about those hurdles that stop you from making videos.

I’m terrible in front of the camera.  I’ll say one thing to you. Get over it ?

Talking to a camera is a bit like public speaking. It’s hard at first, but the more you do it the more relaxed and better you become.  So just start. No one expects you to be a movie star.  So, if your content and message are helpful to your audience, they’ll forgive your initial nerves and stumbles.

I used to use a simple teleprompter app at first but only use this now for long sales videos where I need to get the wording 100% right.  If you use a teleprompter, make sure you write in a ‘speaking’ style or it sounds false.

What will I talk about?  Video marketing and ‘social selling’ needs to be subtle. Think of your videos merely as teaching tools to help your audience.  Share some really helpful tips.  If your audience likes your tips, they’ll seek you out for more information.  Depending on where you are publishing your videos, you should be adding links to your website, offer pages, social media accounts and so on.

I don’t have good camera gear.  Just another excuse!

If you have a decent smartphone you have an adequate video camera.  I shot all my first videos on a phone, and in fact I still use 2 Samsung phones as Cameras when I need to travel light and shoot interviews.

But whatever camera you are using there are two essentials!

A steady shot and good sound.  If either of these is bad, viewers will not watch.

Handheld is OK, but try to keep the camera steady, and remember to look into the lens, not your image on the screen!   There are great little attachments to hold your phone or camera onto a tripod, mini tripod, or a multitude of small gadgets like gorilla pods!  A tiny gorilla pod can fit in your pocket.

As for sound, try not to rely on the phone microphone.  The sound won’t be that great and you’ll pick up a lot of background sound.  You can buy very cheap lavaliere microphones for your phone.  Just plug it into your phone and clip it on your shirt/blouse and you are a day to go!  Great sound.

Don’t be tempted to just use the phone earbuds or those iPhone toothbrush things that hang out of your ears.  It just looks amateurish in my mind.

I don’t know how to do the editing, or I don’t have the time

Guess what, nor do I!  And here is my dirty little secrets ?

I create 3-4 videos a week and still have time to run 4 businesses.

At first, I had a go at the editing. I used Camtasia which is quite easy to use.  But I soon realized I was not really that creative, and I certainly didn’t have the time for it.

My videos now …………….

  • Get edited within 24 hours.
  • Are professionally edited.
  • Include B Roll or library clips to make them more interesting.
  • Often have music added.
  • Usually, I have my business branding on them.
  • Often include a promotional ‘showreel’ introduction near the start.

And I get all of this done for me!  Very cost-effective.

So, if you are struggling to get started with video, you have no excuse.  Get your phone out and start.

And here’s the cool bit.  I’ll make my professional editing team available to you!

You probably don’t need a full-time editor if you are just starting out. But I can give you ‘part-time access’ to my editors for as little as $250 a month.  You could get 5 or 6 simple videos edited for that cost. With your branding, music added, captions, you name it.

If you’re interested, just get in touch.


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