Fiona Lewis from Super Savvy Business talks with Rob O’Byrne about the benefits and challenges of outsourcing.

In this podcast, Fiona and Rob discuss the following Outsourcing topics:

  • the challenges of outsourcing
  • the best ways to interact with your outsourced team
  • how and where to find trustworthy team members
  • what are the top features to look for in an outsourced team member
  • how to keep in touch with your outsourced team, etc.


For the article, you can go here: Outsourcing Benefits and Challenges

Fiona Lewis and Rob O'Byrne talk about Outsourcing

Fiona Lewis is the Director of Super Savvy Business. She is also an author, speaker, consultant, online business coach and expert in Internet Marketing. 

Rob O’Byrne is the owner, founder and Group Managing Director of Logistics Bureau Group, of which Virtual Done Well is part.