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A virtual assistant, like any employee, is a practical and helpful human resource to support your business. Typically, entrepreneurs use their services to take some of the busy, non-revenue generating tasks off of their own plates. This frees them up to do the money making – to deliver quality products or services through direct contact with the clients.

But in hard times like these, when the economy slows down and customers become harder to find, it’s a natural reaction to shy away from expenses that don’t generate revenue for your business. Why hire a virtual assistant, especially now, if they’re not actively making you money?





The answer to that question is, “Why, indeed?”. But it should be followed up with another, perhaps more important question.



“Why, in a time of financial uncertainty, wouldn’t you task your VA with revenue generating work for you and your business?”





You might be surprised to learn that a VA can do more than just boost your personal productivity. Your VA can actually make money for you directly. Read on to discover four tasks you can assign to your VA that can help you generate revenue.


  1. Lead Generation





While you’re focused on selling your product or service, have your VA hunt down potential clients for the future. One of the most popular methods for lead generation is through content marketing. Your VA can help you post valuable content that potential clients will find useful. They can then gather data on those who respond to those posts. People who are interested in what you have to offer are potential customers – people who may spend money on your business in the future.


  1. Sales Prospecting





If you’ve done a good job with lead generation, then you’re going to have a long list of contacts that need to be vetted and baited. Making first content with your leads is not a job for a CEO. You need somebody to do the drudge work of contacting the leads. Your VA is just the kind of employee you need to contact, sort and qualify them before feeding them up the chain. And remember, your VA can do it more cost-effectively than an in-office employee!


  1. Recycling Content for Marketing





Most businesses have some kind of blog, or at least regular social media posts that they’ve spent time and money on. Well, all of that content was great when it was posted. But much of it has probably already passed into oblivion, to be replaced by newer content.

But wait! That older content doesn’t have to wither away and die! Assign your VA to collect that old content and re-work it into an appropriate format for marketing purposes. You could make it a newsletter to help bolster relationships with potential clients. Likewise, old newsletter content could be re-worked into new social media posts. The only prerequisite here is that the content is still relevant to the client. And, in most cases, it probably will be.


  1. Public Relations Research





Good PR is basically free advertising. Getting somebody else to talk about your business creates brand awareness. Here’s how your VA can help you get there.

Whatever industry you’re in, chances are there are dozens of podcasts and YouTube channels out there that discuss what your business does. Creating your own is probably much too time-consuming to be a productive exercise. So, why not leverage existing influencers with your content? Task your VA to research these existing platforms, and to create a list with contact information. This is very similar to lead generation, at this point, so your VA should be up to the task. You can create scripts and content that will be useful for those influencers and their followers. Then, have your VA contact the influencers, forward the content and follow up.

In conclusion, your VA is a practical and versatile human resource. Whatever the economy is doing right now, they can help your business to succeed if you manage them well. Your VA can do more than support your personal productivity – they can actually generate revenue!



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