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One of the greatest tools in any business’s sales arsenal is the success story. That’s because, when it comes down to it, your customers are looking for solutions to some kind of problem, and answers to some kind of need. If you can show them that you’ve solved that problem for someone else – that you met that need on previous occasions – you have a much stronger chance at closing a sale with a prospective customer. That’s why customer testimonials are so powerful. And they’re not hard to get, if your product or service is truly something special.

Of course, these days, trends in marketing content are shifting more and more towards video formats. Your prospects want to watch and listen, rather than read. That’s because it’s difficult to build trust with strangers. Real people with authentic smiles and true stories are much easier to believe than a quote printed across a screen.

But obtaining video testimonials isn’t even all that hard. You’ll generally find that, in most cases, happy customers will be very accommodating when it comes to helping you out. If they feel you’ve done them a favor, they’ll generally be quick to do one for you, too. No, the real challenge with video testimonials isn’t obtaining them. It’s deciding how to present them to your audience. Where should you share them?

Well, the first answer to that question should be “everywhere you can.” You want the world to see and hear your success stories. But, with that in mind, there are some forums and situations that are better suited to this kind of content than others. And so, here’s a list of 7 places to share your customer testimonial videos that will get the most reach.


1. Your Website



If you have something as valuable as a customer testimonial on video, you need to put it in the one place that digitally represents your business more than any other. And that is your website. People visit your website to learn about your company and your brand. So, it would be a waste not to share with those people the most valuable piece of information of all: “We’ve done it before and we can do it for you!”

2. Social Media



In much the same way that your website represents your business, the content on your social media channels also helps to establish potential customers’ expectations. So, make sure that your social media channels are displaying that same ‘marketing gold’ that you’re sharing on your website. Remember, your social media channels are a tool for getting your most important messages out.


3. Case Studies



Case studies are an interesting tool that can work well for your business, depending on the industry you’re in, and the products and services that you offer. Of course, they don’t work for everybody. What a case study is designed for is to outline in significant detail how your product or service has worked in the real world to accomplish its purpose. Understanding that, you’d be hard-pressed to find a good reason not to use customer testimonials. Customer testimonials are literally the embodiment of a case study, but from the perspective of satisfied customers.


4. Video Streaming Sites



Obviously, video streaming sites are a great place to post just about any kind of video content you produce. But the ability to have your testimonials publicly posted and searchable isn’t the only benefit. The ability to link to them for a million other uses is the biggest positive for video streaming platforms. Interestingly, though, YouTube may not necessarily be the best choice anymore. With all the ads your audience will have to wade through, you might do better to try other platforms such as Dailymotion, Metacafe, The Open Video Project, Veoh or Vimeo. But, whatever video streaming platform you choose, just make sure you get it out there.


5. Prospecting Meetings



If you’re meeting with potential clients, why not bring your satisfied customers along for the presentation? They’d fit nicely on a USB drive or in a link on your slideshow. It’s good to tell your prospective customers what you can do for them, but it’s better to show them what you’ve already done. Don’t miss out on such an opportunity.


6. Email



Email marketing is still a useful marketing channel today. As with any other channel, it’s a way to get your messages out there – including your customer testimonials. Just make sure you have some solid context to introduce your testimonial content. Email can also be used to reach out to existing customers. Good news from other customers is a great retention tool, as it builds confidence within your buyer community.


7. Events



If you’re hosting an event such as a conference or webinar, don’t miss out on the opportunity to share your customer testimonial videos. They’re a great way to drum up excitement at the beginning, and also to close your event on a positive note. And these interactive platforms offer an opportunity for you to follow up and explain to potential buyers how past successes can be applied for them.

In conclusion, customer testimonial videos are a golden opportunity to support your company’s marketing efforts. They’re also very good for customer retention. But to get the maximum benefit from these tools, video testimonials should be posted on a broad range of platforms and shared as widely as possible.



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