What are the top 2 qualifications of a good CRM and email marketing system?



Hi, this is Rob O’Byrne and I’m at the Traffic and Conversion Summit in Sydney, and I’m just catching up with Matt Mayhew from Infusionsoft. Now why am I talking to Matt? Well, I was just saying to Matt that with our outsourcing centre in the Philippines, Virtual Done Well, our team has to use a lot of different systems that their clients are using. To be honest, our favourite is Infusionsoft because of the functionality and it really is a fantastic system and we’ve been using it for a few years now but I thought I’d just ask, Matt, what would be the top 2 things that you should look for if you’re looking for a system to handle your mail-outs, your emails, CRM and all that kind of stuff?

Matt: Definitely. Well Rob, I think the first thing that I would really look for is ease of use. So you wanna have something that’s an intuitively designed program, something that allows you to quickly go in and really see logically where something’s gonna go, where the person’s life cycle journey is gonna be. The second thing is power. So you wanna have something that can really do everything you want it to do. Nothing’s more frustrating than saying “Hey, I wanna take a customer, I wanna do these crazy cool things” and then finding out that your system can’t really support that. So I think those would be the two things, ease of use and power of the system.

Rob: Excellent. I guess if people wanted to look at your system and understand the features, we’ll put a link below.

Matt: Yeah, definitely, we can do that.

Rob: We can give the link and they can check it out. 

Matt: That could be the demo page.

Rob: That would be great. We’re going to go back in and listen to Ryan and Richard and the rest of the guys. 

Matt: Good stuff.

Rob: Thanks. 

Check out this interactive demo from Infusionsoft.