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Rob O’Byrne and Greg Cassar give tips on how to best handle and treat your Outsourced Team.



Rob: Hi, this is Rob O’Byrne, founder of Virtual Done Well. I’m here at a sensational event with The Collective and Greg Cassar. We’re learning some great stuff on small business and entrepreneurs. I know Greg you’re a great fan of outsourcing. I just wanted to know if you have a really strong tip for people here, what would it be regarding outsourcing?

Greg: You and I are both passionate about the extended team, we’ve got to share what’s really worked for us, I think that’s the best way for it. We found overtime that bringing your team in, no matter where they are in the world and treating everyone exactly the same, making really clear goals, having clear tools and frameworks that we can share, systematizing as much as possible. One thing that’s really work for us as well is when we tie bonuses in with our customer objectives. Our customer objective really has been focused on the customer happiness, so when we tie every team member’s bonus in the customer happiness, our staff were happier and so were the customers. So that’s bringing yourself a big point for us.

Rob: That’s awesome and in fact when you talked about making them part of your team, we have a team of about 10 people looking after our business in the Philippines. We’re actually sort of rotating and bring them over here to Australia. They come to our events, they come and visit our office, they really are part of the team. If you’re thinking of using outsourced staff, and that’s possible for you, that really sort of embeds them in your business.

Greg: We’ve done something similar, while we haven’t brought the team over, what we did do was go for a trip over and flew everyone into the same resort, spend 3 to 4 days together. We’ve done that once and it went really, really well and we’re yet planning the next trip and also trying to reward the team as well by taking them somewhere, maybe where they wouldn’t be able to afford or they wouldn’t be able to do themselves so it was really rewarding for the team as well as getting together where we can, you know that old concept of just breaking bread?

Rob: Yeah, that’s really cool. Greg, I know you’re really busy, there’s a cue of people who want to talk to you. Awesome event, great talking to you.

Greg: Thanks.